We love to dance. We love to teach.

At the Maguire Academy of Irish Dance, students get a chance to learn from some of the best dancers in the world. There are currently three schools located in Tucson, Dallas and Houston. Over the years, Darren has gathered a highly-skilled staff that has performed at some of the world’s largest stages.

    The Maguire Academy of Irish Dance is a committed team that:

  • Strives toward excellence, while celebrating the joy of dance and competition.
  • Cultivates creative leaders, mentors, and cultural ambassadors.
  • Provides a safe, fun, and friendly environment for children to learn Irish Dance and form lasting friendships.
  • Celebrate Irish culture and heritage.

Discipline, responsibility, competition, hard work, and passion – all part of what Maguire Academy of Irish Dance is all about. The respect we give students is something that they will take with them as they move forward in life. In turn, our dancers conduct themselves with the utmost respect for others. We expect nothing less. And when dancers are ready to compete, they are taught self-respect and are always congratulatory towards their fellow classmates.

Since its inception in 2006, the Maguire Academy has sent dancers overseas to the World Championships. This year will be the largest team attending. At the regional championships this year in California, Maguire Academy had eight solo dancers place in the top ten of their competition. Our region consists of the thirteen most western states. The Maguire Academy performs in and around Tucson, Dallas, and Houston, and has earned many accreditations and honors in festivals and parades. Dancers perform for TV shows, news broadcasts, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in three major cities, along with Tucson Meet Yourself, Tucson Celtic Festival and Scottish Highland Games, Celtic Harvest Festival in Sedona, and for the Tucson Padres. This totals approximately 175 performances annually.

Send us a message on the Contact page to book us for a performance. We’ll have the crowd wanting to see more.